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Air Struts, 96mm, Type B, 2 pcs

Article: AS-96-B
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Replacement Set of Air Struts for one axle. 

What's included:

2x Air Struts, 96mm, Type B.

For complete truck, you will need 2 sets of this product.


- Please be sure to check the shock mounting direction on your model to make sure you order the correct type of Air Struts (A or B). The mutual position of mounting ends is fixed and cannot be rotated. 

- The aluminium cylinder of the strut is made of fine material. You can dent it if you handle without care.


Mutual Position of Mounting Ends
Type B (parallel)
Strut Hole to Hole (Compressed)
71 mm
Strut Hole to Hole (Uncompressed)
96 mm
Strut Travel Length
25 mm
Strut Overall Length
104 mm
Strut Body OD
15 mm
Strut Boot OD
17 mm